If you’re planning to start your food truck business, then better check out these used food trucks for sale. A food truck business is a good and unique way of serving food, and dealing with customers. I knew some friends who have started their food truck businesses long ago and up to today, those businesses are still booming, that’s why I know that this kind of business is good and that it’s okay to splurge on the truck at first since you’re going to get back what you spent for in the end—maybe even doubled or tripled. So, read on and see if any of these is the perfect truck for you.


Used Food Trucks For Sale: 2011- 21 Inch Retail Vending/Office Trailer

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, this truck can be used for retail items, and also has a private office for storage and private use, plus it looks and feels brand new since it has only been used for some shows. The truck features air conditioning, air concession windows, exhaust fan, exterior lighting, and interior lighting. Plus, I’ve seen this truck and it’s just so cozy and comfortable in the inside—I highly recommend it. And get this, this is only for $18,150.00! It is definitely affordable and worth it.


Used Food Trucks For Sale: 1999 BBQ Smoker Concession Trailer

Mostly used for selling Barbeque, Pork ribs, beans and the like, this truck includes a bathroom, cooking equipment, generator, convection oven and more. It’s good on its own, but you can decide whether or not to have it repainted. Other features include new floor covering, plug-in activated water pump, screens, tires that are in good condition, rooftop air, small refrigerator, coffee maker, countertop convection oven, 3-pot crock pot with selective heat range, large roaster, two panini presses, blender, gas/charcoal side by side grill, 4-burner gas stove, and propane tank on stove. It’s pretty much fully furnished and ready to use, plus it’s only for $12, 650.00! If I were you, I might as well grab hold of it now.


2010 Pace Midway 16 Inch Concession Trailer

From Salisbury, North Carolina, this $28, 600.00 truck is best for selling popcorn, candy, and beverages. This is a cute, cozy, and convenient truck that features 2 food warmers, cash register, popcorn popper, air-conditioning, two concession windows, hand-washing sink, triple sink, gray water tank, propane tank, hot water heater, work table, interior lighting, exhaust hood, exhaust fan, open signage, fryers, stainless steel wall covers and GFI outlets. It’s one of my favorite trucks on sale, and I know, at first glance, you’d already fall in love with it. So jump at the chance while it’s still available and in good condition.


The Perfect Truck For You

Food Trucks For SaleWith enough looking, I’m sure you will find the perfect used food trucks for sale for you. Sometimes, it’s good to join the bandwagon and try out a business that is sure to bloom. So check out these trucks now and see what’s best for you. Good luck!